How to find companies that value advanced degrees

A job candidate adjusts suit buttons against a busy backdrop.

Starting the job hunt before graduating with my PhD, I thought I would have been set up to convince employers that my years in grad school were relevant work experience.

My discipline, human factors psychology, is one of the closest academic analogues to UX research. Very few of the students…

Strong candidates specialize to stand out

Not all user experience roles are created equal.

A mature UX team is multidisciplinary, with designers, researchers, and other specialists. Each member shares the same overall goal of creating a better experience for end users. They even share many of the same processes and methods that help achieve that goal.

How hiring managers think about candidates with advanced degrees.

Students on campus celebrating graduation

Perhaps you discovered the world of user experience as you started thinking about life after grad school. You saw an opportunity to bring together your passions and skills, applying research to technology. As a recent grad, you feel you have a lot to offer the field.

The cold reality is…

Lawton Pybus

Lead UX Researcher @ UserZoom, Human Factors PhD. Opinions are my own.

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